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Arsenal Medical Introduces NeoCast™ with Successful Patient Treatment

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Arsenal Medical, a leading company specializing in biomaterials-based devices for underserved medical conditions, has recently reached a significant milestone with the enrollment of the first patient in their investigational NeoCast™ embolic biomaterial clinical trial. NeoCast™ was specifically designed to address the limitations seen in existing embolic products for cases where deep penetration into the microvasculature is required. The biomaterial, which received funding from the National Cancer Institute during its development, utilizes shear-thinning science to target the smallest blood vessels, effectively stopping blood flow to tumors and damaged tissues. Notably, NeoCast™ stands out by providing ease of deployment, consistent performance, and avoiding the use of harsh solvents commonly found in other liquid embolics.

The successful embolization of the patient represents a crucial step in the NeoCast™ first-in-human clinical trial, an open-label, multicenter study aiming to assess the early safety and feasibility of NeoCast™ for embolizing brain tumors, ultimately facilitating surgical removal. NeoCast™ holds tremendous promise for neurovascular applications that necessitate microvasculature penetration, including chronic subdural hematomas and hypervascular tumors.

This achievement demonstrates Arsenal Medical's commitment to pioneering medical devices that harness the power of materials to address critical medical needs in the realm of neurovascular medicine.



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