Aptar Digital Health and Iona Mind Collaborate to Deliver Expandable Mental Health Assistance for Patients with Chronic Diseases

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Aptar Digital Health and Iona Mind have joined forces to assist patients with chronic illnesses in managing their mental health and emotional wellness.

This collaboration will utilize the knowledge and digital platforms of both entities to offer integrated solutions to pharmaceutical partners aiming to improve patient experiences.

Iona Mind's platform is centered on low-intensity Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which has been extensively researched and proven effective across various mental health conditions and general wellbeing.

With advanced technology and user-focused design, Iona Mind can customize digital products to support patients throughout their journey.

Individuals with chronic diseases often experience higher rates of mental health issues such as anxiety and low mood compared to the general population.

These additional challenges increase treatment complexity and expenses. To ensure inclusivity and accessibility, Iona Mind collaborates with patient advocate groups to adapt its products for diverse populations.

Aptar Digital Health, known for its expertise in Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and disease management solutions, will complement Iona Mind's capabilities by understanding patient and healthcare professional needs comprehensively.

The partnership aims to deliver evidence-based and scalable mental health support to chronic disease patients worldwide, utilizing solutions built on Aptar Digital Health's platform.

President of Aptar Digital Health, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration's potential to address mental health challenges faced by chronic disease patients, while Chief Medical Officer at Aptar Digital Health, highlighted the importance of emotional support in enhancing the patient journey, particularly in fields like cancer.

CEO and Founder of Iona Mind, expressed excitement about the collaboration's ability to impact lives positively by combining Aptar's digital patient support experience with Iona Mind's expertise in low-intensity CBT and mental health solutions.


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