Applied Medical Technology, Inc. Unveils IntelAir™: Redefining Anesthesia Care through Innovative Nasopharyngeal Airway Solution

Friday, June 07, 2024

Applied Medical Technology, has unveiled IntelAir™, a groundbreaking nasal airway support system designed to meet the needs of clinicians and patients alike.

This disposable device is engineered to secure the airway, prevent cannula migration, and maintain clear breathing passages.

IntelAir™ is particularly useful during monitored anesthesia, providing support to the soft palate and tongue in sedated patients.

Its design focuses on reducing bleeding and trauma during insertion, featuring a medical-grade silicone bolster and gentle adhesive that affixes to the nose while protecting against pressure injuries.

Clinicians will find IntelAir™ beneficial for its ability to prevent tube migration, ensure reliable oxygen delivery, and facilitate consistent end-tidal monitoring.

The device's comprehensive approach, addressing the needs of both patients and medical professionals.

The addition of IntelAir™ enhances AMT's extensive surgical line portfolio, complementing existing offerings such as suture delivery systems, initial placement kits, smoke evacuators, and retractors.






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