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ApoQlar Teams Up with Mayo Clinic to Advance Patient Care Using Extended Reality Technology

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

ApoQlar, a trailblazer in medical visualization technology, is pleased to announce a partnership with Mayo Clinic aimed at advancing patient care through the innovative use of extended reality (XR) technology. This collaboration seeks to redefine the standards for personalized care plans, enhancing the precision and efficacy of treatments. By combining apoQlar's technological expertise with Mayo Clinic's medical excellence, the collaboration aims to develop personalized treatment plans for cancer patients using 3-dimensional modeling. Mayo Clinic will contribute its extensive medical knowledge and clinical experience to the project, focusing on creating individualized care strategies.

The adoption of XR technology enables medical professionals to visualize complex medical data in three dimensions, providing unprecedented insights and understanding. This allows for the creation of tailored care plans, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. The use of XR technology in patient care is expected to offer numerous benefits, including improved surgical planning, enhanced interdisciplinary collaboration, and more effective patient education. This technology facilitates a seamless interaction with medical data and patient anatomy, bridging the gap between digital information and its real-world application.

The collaboration will kick off with a project dedicated to leveraging XR technology to develop personalized treatment plans at Mayo Clinic. The initial phase will focus on establishing virtual platforms that enable specialists to collaborate and devise optimal treatment plans for patients in a 3D interactive environment. This initiative aims to showcase the practical benefits of XR in healthcare, highlighting its potential to transform patient care and promote its broader adoption across the medical field.


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