Anumana and InfoBionic.Ai Join Forces to Advance AI-Driven Remote Cardiac Telemetry for Early Heart Disease Detection

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Anumana, an AI-driven health technology company and a nference portfolio company, has announced a research collaboration with InfoBionic.Ai, a digital health company specializing in remote cardiac monitoring and diagnostic solutions.

This partnership aims to advance and commercialize remote cardiac care solutions by integrating Anumana’s ECG-AI™ technology with InfoBionic.Ai’s MoMe ARC® platform.

The collaboration leverages Anumana's ECG-AI algorithms, developed in partnership with the Mayo Clinic, to enhance the MoMe ARC Platform’s ability to detect and manage cardiac diseases earlier in remote patient monitoring, potentially improving patient outcomes. Both companies, being Mayo Clinic portfolio companies, will work closely with the Mayo Clinic under this agreement.

“It is exciting to see the convergence of our pioneering work in artificial intelligence and remote patient monitoring through this new partnership between Anumana and InfoBionic.Ai."

“By combining InfoBionic.Ai’s remote monitoring solutions with Anumana’s innovative ECG-AI algorithms, including the FDA-cleared algorithm for detecting low ejection fraction (LEF), we aim to provide healthcare providers with advanced tools to detect cardiac conditions earlier, enabling timely intervention and personalized care. It’s a thrilling time for cardiology."

“This collaboration marks an important step in Anumana’s mission to revolutionize cardiac care by enhancing the power of ECG with AI."

“Since our founding, we have aimed to elevate the utility of ECG with AI across all settings. Partnering with InfoBionic.Ai expands our capabilities from 12-lead clinical settings to wearable lower-lead ECGs in patients’ homes. We look forward to bringing our AI technology to patients and physicians worldwide.”

InfoBionic.Ai and Anumana will integrate Anumana's ECG-AI algorithms, starting with the FDA-cleared ECG-AI LEF algorithm, into InfoBionic.Ai's continuous and remote cardiac monitoring platform.

This will enable the detection of LEF and other conditions through remote cardiac monitoring. The companies will also work to validate the clinical utility of the integrated solution and seek regulatory clearance to bring this technology to market.

Anumana has received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for four of its algorithms: low ejection fraction, pulmonary hypertension, cardiac amyloidosis, and hyperkalemia. Its ECG-AI platform won the 2024 MedTech Breakthrough Award for “Best New Technology Solution - Cardiology.”

The ECG-AI LEF algorithm, which detects low ejection fraction (LEF) using routine 12-lead ECG data, received U.S. FDA clearance in September 2023 and is currently under review in Europe. Anumana has demonstrated that its ECG-AI technology can be adapted to lower-lead ECG devices while maintaining high performance.

A version of the neural network used in Anumana’s FDA-cleared ECG-AI LEF algorithm has shown effectiveness in detecting low ejection fraction using single-lead wearable ECG devices.

InfoBionic.Ai’s MoMe ARC is the first continuous 6-lead FDA-cleared platform that leverages advanced AI analysis and business intelligence. The MoMe ARC solution includes a 4-in-1 Gateway device that transitions between 2-day, extended Holter tests, Event, and MCT modes remotely, streamlining patient monitoring time and minimizing delays.


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