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Angelalign Technology Inc. Embarks on Global Expansion Journey with 3Shape as Key Partner

Tuesday, August 08, 2023

ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY and 3Shape have recently announced a far-reaching strategic partnership, aimed at bolstering the capabilities of both companies to cater to the global digital orthodontics community. This significant collaboration empowers clinicians associated with Angel Aligner worldwide, seamlessly integrating with 3Shape scanners to facilitate the smooth transfer of patient images to Angel Aligner's cloud-based digital orthodontic platform with remarkable simplicity. In parallel, orthodontic professionals utilizing 3Shape's services gain effortless access to Angel Aligner's comprehensive array of clear aligner solutions, effectively streamlining their operational processes.

The strategic alliance between Angel Aligner and 3Shape exemplifies Angel Aligner's commitment to digital transformation and global expansion, characterized by an open-architecture approach to business. Built on a foundation of mutual trust, this partnership reflects the shared goal of advancing diagnostic precision and treatment efficacy, creating an environment where patients benefit from a comfortable and refined orthodontic journey.

In the collaborative spirit of Angel Aligner and 3Shape, we are reaching new heights within our global strategic partnership, working together to create an all-encompassing digital dental ecosystem. This partnership is poised to make a substantial impact in the digital orthodontics field, enhancing workflows for orthodontic practitioners and driving innovation across the industry.



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