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American Diabetes Association and DaVita Forge Stronger Alliance to Combat Chronic Disease Together

Monday, March 11, 2024

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and DaVita, a prominent provider of kidney care services, have recently expanded their collaboration with a focus on addressing chronic diseases, specifically targeting diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD). This joint effort, announced during National Kidney Month, underscores the commitment of both organizations to raising awareness and promoting education about kidney health.

In the United States, chronic diseases stand as the primary cause of death and disability, affecting over 38 million Americans with diabetes. Additionally, roughly one in three adults with diabetes also grapple with CKD, emphasizing the need for early detection and preventative measures.

To make a meaningful impact on chronic disease prevention, especially in underserved communities, the ADA and DaVita are leveraging DaVita's expertise in kidney care and the ADA's leadership in diabetes education.

Several initiatives are planned as part of this collaboration, including the establishment of a digital platform housing accessible educational materials for both patients and healthcare professionals. Additionally, a pilot program involving registered dietitians (RDs) will enhance diabetes education and resources, ensuring RDs are well-informed to provide optimal patient care. The ADA and DaVita will also jointly sponsor the ADA's State of Diabetes events in key markets, facilitating discussions on crucial topics affecting their shared patient populations within the current healthcare landscape.

Coinciding with National Kidney Month, DaVita has initiated a campaign titled "Connecting the Dots," emphasizing the correlation between kidney health and other chronic conditions, including diabetes. This comprehensive approach aims to improve awareness, education, and support for individuals affected by these prevalent chronic diseases.


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