AlloSource Secures FDA 510(k) Clearance for AceConnex™ Pre-Sutured Fascia in Hip Labral Reconstruction and Augmentation

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

AlloSource, a leading provider in the field of allograft products, has achieved a significant milestone with the FDA's clearance of their innovative solution, AceConnex Pre-Sutured Fascia. This clearance is a testament to AlloSource's commitment to advancing the sports medicine industry, particularly in hip labral reconstruction and augmentation.

AceConnex Pre-Sutured Fascia is designed to streamline hip arthroscopic procedures by eliminating the need for suturing during surgery. Surgeons can now efficiently treat their patients without the time-consuming task of suturing in the operating room. The sterile device comes in various pre-sutured sizes, allowing for customization to match each patient's anatomy. With trimmable regions, the allograft can be adjusted to fit the patient's specific needs.

One of the key advantages of AceConnex Pre-Sutured Fascia is its consistent manufacturing process, which minimizes variability compared to manually sutured allografts. This ensures that surgeons can rely on a reliable and standardized product for labral reconstruction, replacement, or augmentation procedures.

Fascia allografts have a well-established track record of effectiveness in labral reconstruction, and AceConnex Pre-Sutured Fascia further strengthens the options available to surgeons. AlloSource's dedication to providing innovative allografts reflects their commitment to advancing patient healing and improving surgical outcomes.



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