Advancing Michigan's Health Through Partnerships and High-Quality Care: MSU Health Care's Mission

Saturday, June 15, 2024

MSU Health Care, the academic medical center affiliated with Michigan State University, is dedicated to providing outstanding patient care while supporting the research and academic missions of MSU Health Sciences.

Unlike traditional hospitals, MSU Health Care operates without its own hospital facility, allowing it to focus on expanding services that directly meet community needs.

Through strategic partnerships with major health systems like Henry Ford Health and Michigan Medicine Health-Sparrow, as well as more than 100 other affiliates across Michigan, MSU Health Care aims to enhance healthcare access and quality statewide.

A significant initiative of MSU Health Care is its collaboration with Health Alliance Plan (HAP) to improve healthcare access for seniors in Michigan.

The HAP MSUHC Medicare HMO plan, introduced with $0 premium and primary care provider copays, has been instrumental in helping seniors manage their health needs effectively. By the end of 2023, over 1,000 individuals had enrolled in this plan, which includes benefits such as a $550 flex card for dental, vision, and hearing services, tailored to the specific needs of seniors.

MSU Health Care has also launched innovative programs like digital remote patient monitoring (RPM) to assist patients in managing chronic conditions from their homes.

Through RPM, patients receive monitoring devices and regular assessments by healthcare professionals, leading to improved health outcomes and significant cost savings. For example, in its initial phase, the RPM program prevented $212,074 in healthcare costs by reducing emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

In addition to clinical initiatives, MSU Health Care actively promotes community health through programs like the Sports Medicine Mileage Club. This program engages over 10,000 elementary school students in physical activities across mid-Michigan, emphasizing the importance of lifelong wellness from a young age.

Overall, MSU Health Care's commitment to innovative healthcare solutions, strategic partnerships, and community engagement underscores its mission to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes throughout Michigan.








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