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Advancements in Lab Technology at AdventHealth Wesley Chapel Improve Speed and Accuracy of Cancer Testing

Friday, July 14, 2023

AdventHealth Wesley Chapel has recently implemented cutting-edge lab technology in its hematology department, leading to significant improvements in the speed and accuracy of cancer testing. By acquiring advanced Sysmex and Cellavision technology, the medical center has achieved remarkable efficiency gains.

The new Sysmex system allows a single scientist to process a much larger number of patient samples simultaneously, approximately three to five times more than before. It performs complete blood counts, creates slides when necessary, applies stains, and seamlessly transfers slides to the Cellavision.

The Cellavision utilizes high-resolution imaging and mathematical algorithms to categorize blood cells accurately. Scientists can review the images, make necessary adjustments, and provide results promptly. This streamlined process enables lab scientists to deliver higher quality results in significantly less time.

The improved efficiency and accuracy of cancer testing provide patients with much-needed reassurance and empower healthcare providers to make informed decisions promptly. This technological advancement is particularly valuable during times of heightened anxiety and uncertainty.

AdventHealth Wesley Chapel's investment in advanced lab technology also addresses the growing demand for oncology services in Pasco County. By integrating and automating the diagnostic process, the medical center can effectively handle the increasing need for cancer treatment. Additionally, this modernization alleviates the workload of the healthcare team, enabling a more streamlined and comprehensive diagnostic experience.

As AdventHealth Wesley Chapel continues to expand its oncology services, it remains committed to providing the community with leading-edge cancer care. With a dedicated team of oncologists, physicians, counselors, surgeons, and other experts, the medical center is proud to offer world-class cancer care close to home.



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