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Abbott Launches Global Clinical Trial for Volt™ Ablation System in Treating Irregular Heart Rhythms

Friday, January 19, 2024

Abbott recently announced a significant milestone with the successful implementation of the first global procedures utilizing its innovative Volt™ Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) System. This breakthrough technology is designed to treat patients dealing with prevalent abnormal heart rhythms, including atrial fibrillation (AFib). The procedures, part of Abbott's Volt CE Mark study, were conducted in Australia and involved the treatment of over 30 patients. The study focuses on evaluating the safety and effectiveness of Abbott's Volt PFA System.

Abbott's Volt PFA System introduces an innovative approach to cardiac ablation procedures. Instead of traditional methods such as radiofrequency (RF) or cryogenic ablation, the Volt system employs high-energy electrical pulses to target and eliminate cells causing abnormal heart rhythms. This approach offers potential advantages by reducing the risk of damage to adjacent tissues in patients with complex disease or anatomy.

The Volt PFA System is complemented by its integration with the EnSite™ X EP System, a leading heart mapping system by Abbott. This combination enhances precision and accuracy during ablation procedures. The Volt's design, featuring a balloon-in-basket catheter, improves visualization, positioning, and contact with targeted heart tissue, allowing for more effective ablation procedures. This unique catheter design, along with the EnSite X mapping system, not only streamlines the workflow for physicians but also minimizes patient exposure to radiation.

Abbott's Volt PFA System caters to the growing demand for innovative solutions that prioritize shorter patient procedure times and reduced hospital stays, ultimately contributing to an improved quality of life for patients.





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